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About the Smoking Gorilla Lounge

The Smoking Gorilla Lounge is not a place, it's a destination. The Lounge is where you can be yourself and have some interesting conversations.

The Lounge is where you can get some great food. The Lounge is where you can experience some awesome drink. But most of all the Lounge is where you can smoke some phenomenal cigars.


The Lounge was the brain child of Eric. A number of years back, he wanted a cigar lounge with ambiance in his own backyard. So he got to work, and what you see on the show is what he envisioned nearly 10 years ago.


The show was a culmination of Eric and the Dude talking together on a cold winter night and getting together with their friend Greg. The rest is history.


Eric and Dave really try to be as unbiased as possible and give, you, the viewer, a good idea as to what to expect if you decide to purchase some of the cigars that they review. "If it's good, we should let people know," Eric says. So that's what they're on a mission to do.

Bringing the Truth to the World, Once Cigar at a Time


Dave, the "Dude"

When the Dude isn't on a plane flying around he's working on computers

When the Dude isn't working on computers he's smoking cigars

When the Dude isn't smoking cigars there's got to be a good reason

Dave started smoking his Dad's cigars when he was around 15. He'd grab singles from his Dad's stash that he kept in the fridge and would smoke them out in the backyard when the parents weren't home. As he continued along in life there were times that he didn't smoke too many cigars, but that all changed when he started working for the airlines over 23 years ago. As he traveled from the U.S. to Europe he was exposed to cuban cigars and that's where his love for the leaf was rekindled. Dave's job affords him the opportunity to go many places and he has taken advantage of it to try out all kinds of blends and types of cigars. Learning along the way through experience and interaction with fellow cigar smokers. This interaction led up to a time sitting in Eric's lounge smoking cigars late at night with him. They started talking about cigars as usual but this time they decided to take it to a new level, and with the help of Director Greg the Smoking Gorilla Lounge on the internet was born. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!


The day Eric turned 18 in 1983 he did two things: signed up for selective service and ran down to his local Tinder Box and purchased his first cigars. He has been smoking them ever since. Eric is a fixture at some of Orange County's great cigar shops, and frequents many others throughout Southern California. His love for cigars eventually prompted his starting the Smoking Gorilla Lounge in 2009. Throughout the years he has had the opportunity to spend time with many knowledgeable and experienced cigar industry folks, and has met many of the greats at events and gatherings. Along side his partner Dave "the Dude",has started the arduous process of reviewing and documenting cigars in the well-established format set forth by the industry, however placing their own spin, with levity and often their own unique interpretations.

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